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Let’s face it, we’ve all been there and done it. We want to buy a new car. We walk into the dealership, we pick a car you like, but then… the burning question emerges: Do you have a part exchange? 

Now, being someone who wants to make sure they are getting every penny out of the deal, if you say “yes” to that question, this is where the salesman rubs his hands.  The reason for this is because they will more than often give you less than book price for your car. By book, I mean the industry valuation guides, from the likes of CAP, a valuation data provider for the UK car market.  It also means that your deal will turn sour, because the part-exchange is a nuisance for the dealer. They will need to remarket the vehicle, so they will incur admin charges, fees and other unnecessary cost.

Therefore, if you use to sell before you buy your next vehicle, you will be in a better bargaining position. 

I am sure you agree it’s better to get a deal on your new car by getting rid of your old  sed car to

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